Just about every one is buzzing about virtual reality and augmented reality, so it was only a matter of time before the fashion world did so as well.

According to reports, Korean-based studio PDF Haus has recently started focusing their efforts on a creative concept outlining VR goggles for Givenchy.

Photo Source: PDF haus


Above is a concept created by Jaehyun Ha, of PDF Haus studio. This is part of a series of VR goggles under the imaginary direction of Givenchy. The googles incorporate the classic design motivated by the brand’s use of complementary essentials in terms of material, color, and product characteristics.

Photo Source: PDF Haus

User experience the combination of virtual and augmented reality wearing a pair of goggles that have the following characteristics.

1.     These goggles feature a padded head strap tinted lenses

2.     There is a foam padding on either side of the glasses makes the glasses comfortable to wear for long periods of time

3.     These lenses allow users to adjust focuses when using their VR or AR functions

4.     By lifting the lens, the user is able to access the glasses AR capabilities

5.     PDF Haus has imagines a series of different colored VR goggles


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