We should see the U11 Plus and the U11 Life make their debut in 2018.

The Taiwanese tech firm that launched two smartphones this year, all the smartphones in U series (U11+ and U11 Life) come with a single rear camera. But now they are talking about dual rear camera handsets. 
HTC was among the first companies to introduce dual rear camera handsets. It’s flagships such as the HTC one M8, HTC One M9 and others. Now it looks like the smartphone maker is willing to bring dual rear camera smartphones next year.   
It is reported that the company’s president Chialin Chang confirmed that HTC would launch dual rear camera smartphones in 2018.  Also he added,” We will definitely be releasing a dual –camera phone next year, but we’ll need to figure out how to make this feature stand out.” Without any details he said the company will be making 5 or 6 smartphones next year as well.

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