One of the most gratifying experiences is parenting. Even though it is challenging but still is rewarding too.

As childhood developments professionals believe that 90% of a child brain development takes place before the age of eight, but 50% of children develop to their fullest potential. In today’s tech world everything is possible even for free. While many companies invested on an early childhood programs. But everything starts and end to home.

It is true that schools and education systems have significant impact on the children’s life as well as society.  But by looking back where there was no internet, computers, iPhone, or every other gadgets that exist in today’s market, still we had scientists such Albert Einstein, Michael Faraday, Galileo Galilei, Marie Curie, and much more.  So today’s technology makes it easer but ultimate motivating and dispelling is on the parents. Life is not just going to school and getting degree but it is much more beyond that of course today’s tech comes handy and has impact on child bringing up.  

In olden days once the child was out of site, no one had access to know where the child is or what he/ she is doing? That problem has been solved to some extant by being connected electronically, or unanswered questions that child may have in the past. Now day’s it is just on a fingertip (Internet). Still load is on parents shoulder, you like it or not “. Nothing will or could help the child as much as the parents”.   It isn’t only you have to pay attention to every movement of your child but you need to watch your own too. After all children will do what you (parents) had been following or doing.    

I as an individual and parent believe that the kid development start very early than it is reported, even without any doubt I could say “ starts at the birth” but parents could mold and shape the kid starting as early as two year of age by age of seven child already shaped and you could work on improvement and education expect of it.  

Now there is no “I do not know concept” parents first by educating themselves could answer their child questions.  Ones the child well trained then the technology will do the rest. Still parents have to monitor their child’s daily life by being friend and a parent, and respect their opinion. After you build a sold foundation there is noting to be worried about, it is very rare that you child will transform to something else. Again this is just a personal thought that worked for me and may give you satisfactory too.  

Buying cars online

The overwhelming majority of consumers are now happy to look to the internet when researching a car to buy. While the men are twice as likely as women confident enough to buy car online.   Does not matter who is making a purchase and what they have to take necessary cautious when it comes to purchase anything online. Of course this is just a opinion and you may check further more for the risks that may occur.


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