In 2014, hackers attacked Yahoo and stole the personal information on about 500 million users. Reports of surrounding this data breach first appeared in August of this year. This comes just one month after Yahoo was bought by the largest telecommunications provider in the United States, Verizon Communications. Verizon’s July purchase of Yahoo cost $4.8 billion.

Photo Source: New York Post

So we now know that user information was stolen two years and apparently no one realized it until August after a hacker using the alias “Peace” tried to sell data consisting of usernames, passwords, and dates of birth on the dark web.

On Thursday, Yahoo confirmed that the full extent of the information of 500 million users that was stolen may consist of your name, email addresses, telephone numbers, date of birth and your encrypted passwords. Yahoo said it believes that the attack was a sponsored by the state. This breach is considered to be the largest on record in terms of user accounts taken.

Photo Source: CNN
Yahoo is taking measures to prompt users to secure their accounts. Users should immediately change their passwords. If you use the same password on other accounts, you need to change those too.  Security questions and answers should also be changed. 
Here are points that you should consider.
1.       Passwords should be changed frequently.
2.       Passwords should unique and not duplicated.
3.       Passwords should contain a mixture of numbers, letters and special characters.
4.       Change security questions
5.       Use Yahoo’s two-step authentication tool.

Sources: MSN, CNN

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