The Samsung Chromebook Plus is a laptop and tablet combo that runs on The Chrome OS and permits the use of android apps. The device now goes $378.76 on Amazon as of today.

One of the current Chrome books available as of now is the Samsung Chromebook Plus, which was announced during January of this year. At first the Samsung Chromebook Plus price was set at $449, and it is now presently available at Amazon for $378.76. As of now it goes for $419 at Best Buy from its original price. Due to its large and bright screen size, the Samsung Chromebook Plus cost slightly more than the regular chromebooks that came before it. 

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The Samsung Chromebook Plus, Comes with the following Features, it’s an artful lightweight touchscreen that can transform from a laptop into a tablet. This laptop and tablet combo, was a distinctive way played by Googles endeavor to incorporate Android and Chrome OS appropriately, giving a person the access to Android apps, while using the countenance of the Chrome operating system. For Android smartphone users the Samsung Chromebook Plus will be beneficial as they will go together.

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Here are the hardware specifications; it has a screen resolution size of 2400 x 1600 pixels, it comes with 2 USB-C ports, and an integrated 720p webcam. Comes with a 2GHz Hexa Core processor, 4GB RAM and a 32GB SSD with a Micro SD port for storage expansion, a battery life of 5140 mAh, Bluetooth 4.0, and runs on The Chrome OS operating system.

Photo Source: Samsung

The Samsung Chromebook Plus, was designed for the intent of doing few things at a time, and getting them done perfectly. Additionally it was intended for the purpose of using Android apps in a faster process compered to using a smartphone. Nonetheless, the Chrome OS is created to perform on a particular sort of processor which might results to slow processing when surfing through the internet. Be that as it may, the Samsung Chromebook Plus ultimately was steered for light work use only.

Source: Samsung

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