Scientists have reconstructed faces from ENA, and advance that challenges the idea that genetic databases can be anonymous.


A study published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Science shows that in the long run such anonymity may not be possible. 

Researchers were able to identify people from their genomes by training an algorithm to link genetic information with facial features and voice.


According to Craig Venter from the US –based company, Human Longevity Inc.

“ The genome contains all the information that determines person’s identity. It is used in criminal courts around the world to identify people.”

Researchers using a ten person sample, were able to match 80% headshots with the genome.  More data would improve it greatly.



As reported,” People need to understand these issues, and not be made these false promises that they will be kept secret,” Venter was quoted.

Medical insurance companies could use the data to find out what diseases a person is susceptible to so that they could alter their premium accordingly.

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