MSI B350M Mortar  (Source: MSI)
The MSI B350M Mortar is the latest product to combine this kind of design with AMD’s latest hardware.

The Mortar’s low-cost price means that the motherboard depends on AMD’s mid-range B350 chipset. This motherboard settles beneath the top tier X370 design in the firm’s hierarchy. The B350 chipset serves up most of Ryzen’s benefits which includes AMD’s full complement of SATA and USB connectivity, next to more PCI lanes than any other current AMD chipset. This is important if one wants to assemble together a rig with a NVMe SSD and high-end graphics.

Photo Source: MSI

The motherboard still supports AMD CrossFire, although it does not for Nvidia’s SLI multi GPU system. Moreover, it also has two lesser PCI lanes and SATA ports. The motherboard follows the chipset, which does not have many frills, rather it delivers everything necessary to construct a solid gaming PC. The Mortar’s smaller design, modest features, and lower price leads to an adequate set of touchstone results, such as the Mortar’s read and write speeds of 519MB/s and 516MB/s which are some of the best using Ryzen.

Photo Source: MSI

The motherboard single full-speed PCI-Express x16 socket is steel reinforced and has two PCI-Express x1 slots with a slower x16 socket beneath. There is a single M.2 slot, with four memory sockets supporting 3200MHz DDR4 which is a fine speed, although there are larger and pricier motherboards that can go faster. Due to the way the chipset was created, there are only four SATA connectors rather than the normal six connectors.

Photo Source: MSI
In conclusion, the MSI B350M Mortar delivers solid performance in benchmarks, and its specification ticks the basic boxes without adding extra gimmicks or high-end features. The AMD B350 chipset would not restrict most rigs, and it has enough slots, sockets, ports, and bandwidth to support top tier modern components except for those only looking for dual-graphics or complex storage. In addition, this board can form the basis of a capable, reliable and smaller AMD-based PC which is why it’s a top MicroATX choice.

Sources: Flipboard, MSI

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