The Intel new Coffee Lake CPUs are set to form part of the Intel 8th Generation Core architecture soon.


This will replace the 7th Gen Kaby Lake processors after a short time being in the market. The Coffee Lake is the next 14nm CPU design after Kaby Lake, which Intel Calling 14nm++. This six-core/12 threads processor will be used in high-end laptops and standard desktops for the first time.


What this new chips offers that previous ones could not?

The Intel Coffee Lake release date officially confirmed to be on October 2017 but price for the new chip is not mentioned. But this new chip being in competition with Ryzen, Intel may not be able to price the six-core parts much higher than the i7 or i5 of the 7th Gen, so expectation is that be same as i7 for $350

There will be four Six –core chips:  two K-series and two 65W. 


The core i7 8700K will be on the top at 4.3GHz, and i5 8600K at 4.1GHz, all – core with Turbo clockspeeds. As far as performance, the new chip 30% higher performance rate and is an excellent choice for gaming and because of the clockspees offers better multithreaded performance than Ryzen’s 1600X.


With this new chip comes usual handful of motherboard chipsets. Also a leaked Intel chipset date, which set to go on the second half of 2018 but only Intel’s high –performance Z370 chipset will be launched in 2017.


Also Intel will have three different CPU architectures at play in the 8th Gen range, with Kaby Lake refreshes appearing alongside the Coffee Lake update.  It looks that this will open the mobile competitions between Intel and AMD, with both Intel’s 8th Gen range, and AMD’s Raven Ridge processors set to launch before end of the year. 

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