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IBM has just released their Cloud Object Storage service which they say handles data storage much cheaper than Amazon’s Web Services’ S3 service.

Today’s tech companies gather loads of data that needs to be properly managed and stored.  This creates a need for solutions that are able to provide secure storage of sensitive data from email servers, network file systems, etc. 

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When considering cloud storage, businesses should look for the following features:
1.    File Versioning: ability to save multiple versions of files so old copies can be retrieved if needed.
2.    Automatic Sync: allows data to be always up-to-date
3.    Collaboration Tools: allows users to share files with authorizes user in multiples ways.
4.    View and Edit Files from Cloud: Allows for quicks edits on the move and syncing across all devices.
5.    Security and File Encryption: Data is encrypted before if leaves your servers. Pick your own encryption key.
6.    Flexible Storage Capacity at an affordable price: Best solutions grow alongside your business.
7.    Reliable Tech Support: Prompt response, available 24/7.

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Companies benefit from a cloud solution that offers capacity, performance, availability and fault tolerance. Data should be secure both virtually and physically. 
IBM’s Cloud Object Storage service boosts all of these features and more.  Apart from being cheaper than Amazon S3, IBM claims it is more reliable and secure too.

Here are the details.
1.    IBM Cloud Object Storage is pay-as-you-go service.
2.    Features SecureSlice which combines encryption, erasure coding and geographic dispersal of data.
3.    Higher Availability than AWS
4.    Data treated and sent to at least three geographically separate IBM cloud regions.
5.    Now available to customers in the United States and Europe.
6.    Coming to Asia Pacific region in December.
7.    IBM’s Cloud Object Storage service is 25% cheaper than Amazon Web Services’ S3 storage service.
8.    Supports S3 interface
9.    Supports OpenStack Swift.
Available for enterprise clients using IBM Cloud data centers.

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