Google’s new Pixel mobile phones have Portrait mode, and takes photos via both the front and rear single –lens cameras.

Google says its innovation could make more space for the battery and come with front –facing speakers but there is no headphone jack.


Therefore, users either need to use wireless headphones or the USB-C charging socket. Google is selling a pair called the Pixel Buds . A spokesman says Pixel’s engineers believed USB _C had “matured as a standard” over the past year.


Last year Google sales were in part limited by the firm’s inability to make enough of the devices to meet demand, while according to Google it was producing the Pixel 2 and larger Pixel 2XL model in greater numbers.


The larger Pixel 2 XL features curved edges and bigger screen but has the same capabilities as the smaller model.




An expert questioned whether it had done enough to pose a serious challenge to other Android phone-makers. Reported by IDC’s Francisco Jeronimo.” Launching a device in a region such as Western Europe requires support to 50-plus operators and 70-plus retailers.”



According to Google its smartphone camera had been awarded the highest ever DXO Mark score to date.  Also, the new phones ’front selfie’ can use portrait mode.

New phone’s other feature is ability to summon the Google Assistant AI helper by squeezing the handsets sides.


The new handsets have translating app, by using Pixel Buds makes a seamless experience more than normal.


If Google wants to compete with Samsung and Huawei with almost the same or advanced feature phones, “has to put in place a massive sales and marketing team to be able to accomplish that goal.”


All these features on the handsets, other software and little hardware are good if it can be produced enough to meet the demand

"It looks like the iPhone 4 might be their Vista, and I'm okay with that." -- Microsoft COO Kevin Turner

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