Google has announced that the next version of Android, version 8.0, will be called Android Oreo.

By Otto Mergen

Google has a tradition naming its Android releases after sweet treats. The announcement coincided with solar eclipse event and Google demonstrated its creativity with an ad of Android superhero robot who jumps out of solar eclipse and whose body is an Oreo and saves the world. So much for saving the world, Android Oreo is designed to save battery life, improve speed and security.

With Oreo, Google imposes more restrictions on what an app can and cannot do in the background. Such background activity limitations contribute to prolonged battery life since it moves apps into sleep mode when the phone is not in use. Google claims that as tested on Google Pixel devices, Android Oreo boots up twice faster than Nougat, the previous version of Android. With its Play Protect Google enhances security features as well.




Other new features are “picture-in-picture” mode that allows to see two apps at once, running one of them in a small corner of the screen and Autofill that helps to navigate between apps smoothly. Oreo is also coming with adaptive notification dots, dots on apps that when pressed shows what’s new, over 60 new emoji and Android Instant Apps.

Nexus and Pixel phones would be the first to receive the software update. It may take time to roll out Oreo since currently only 14% of Android devices run Nougat.

“So far we have not seen a single Android device that does not infringe on our patents." -- Microsoft General Counsel Brad Smith

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