The Oculus Gear VR now has the Google Chromecast support, which allows users stream VR experiences using a cast button on the Oculus mobile app. This has not been applicable on mobile VR, but now Oculus VR headsets officially support it at the moment.

Oculus Gear VR (source: Samsung)


Google Chromecast support has been added to the Oculus Samsung Gear VR headset. This will permit users to stream virtual reality experiences using a cast button in the Oculus mobile app to their TV. This in turn allows other people to watch what a person is doing inside a VR world. This option has not been applicable for phone mobile VR, although it has been achievable on tethered headsets such as PlayStation VR and Oculus rift.


Oculus boasts that its Gear VR is the only VR headset to officially support Chromecast at this moment. Nevertheless, Google is adding Chromecast support into its Daydream VR update that will be coming out later this year. Almost all tethered headsets are already laterally connected to a TV or monitor, in other to automatically replicate the display of the headset.  


As for People who are viewing a cast, they will not be able to relate with the mobile apps or having a full experience of being in the Gear VR. However, this opportunity makes virtual reality seem less disengaging in a group setting. furthermore, it is straightforward to guide new users over the interface for them to know what they are viewing.

Source: The Verge

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