Apple’s iOS has gone through many changes since it first arrived on the scene. Developers are experimenting and writing new code even as you read this article. Some code has already been written and is hidden possibly for later use.

According to Troughton-Smith this hidden code has been around since 2014 and iOS 8.  Once activated, the keys are shifted left or right depending on the side that you activate. The spaces between the keys are reduced and the user then has access to a sidebar of cut, copy and paste controls which can easily be reached by the thumb. 

Photo Source: Business Insider

See the One-Handed keyboard in action here.

These keyboard adjustments improve reachability and give ease of keyboard operation. The one-hand keyboard seems to be almost ready for roll out on iPhones which may explain why the feature is not available to consumers yet.   There is no word as to when or if it will become available.  Maybe we will see it with the 2017 debut of the iPhone 8 currently being developed at the Apple office in Herzliya, Israel.

The speculation is that Apple was testing this feature for use with larger plus versions of the iPhone.  And now that demand for the iPhone 7 Plus has far exceeded the smaller iPhone 7, features like a one-handed keyboard are just what customers may need.

Microsoft answered that need with its Word Flow Keyboard for iOS. Word Flow is being pushed as a replacement for the existing Apple keyboard.

Photo Source: sanluiseencontacto

Source: Business Insider

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