Since Apple Watch hit the market, I did not have any interest to purchase the device just because I wanted to have Apple Watch or iPhone.

Now it seems my dream coming true. Now the company starts talking with the providers in both US and Europe about offering the device later this year as it is reported.  According to Bloomberg the new watch will connect directly to LTE mobile networks.


Even though Apple claims that the company Watch was the best selling smart-Watch in the world.  Carolina Milanesi, Consumer tech analyst at Creative Strategies said that, “ Apple clearly has big plans for watch both in the health segment and as a gateway to the connected home”.


Some new Apple Watch models equipped with LTE chips, planned for release by the end of the year, will be able to conduct many tasks without an iPhone in range,” said people.”


It is reported that the Intel will manufacture the new device’s modem, which it is big win for the chipmaker. In the past the Qualcomm Inc. has been the main modem supplier for iPhones and other Apple mobile gadgets, but two companies are embroiled in a bitter legal dispute. Apple added Intel as a modem supplier for some iPhones last year.

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