ASRock B250 Pro
ASRock B250 Pro4, one of the most affordable motherboards that goes for the prices of $113, with moderate specs for people on a budget.

This is one of the most inexpensive Intel board latest batch of motherboards, which costs around $113, meaning that it is one of only a set that reaches below three figures. The motherboard still sufficient to power most PC’s from office to work to solid gaming rigs. One of the biggest areas where ASRock has cut this board’s cost is the chipset, as the ASRock B250 is an Intel’s entry level Kaby Lake silicon, which means providing a smaller set of features.

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The ASRock B250 however, has the full BUS interface and link speed of every other Kaby Lake chipset, although it only backs 12 PCI-Express 3.0 lanes. Which is half as many as the top tier chipsets, and this means that one is going to get limited with what they can perform with the Motherboard. Rationally, this motherboard will only support the CPU, a single high-end graphics card, and a lone M.2 SSD. The ASRock B250 hardware supports about six USB 3.0 ports, which is four fewer than Intel’s top chipsets and only uses a single SATA Express connection, however it works with the new Intel Optane memory.

Photo Source: ASRock

This moderate chipset factors in that the most vaulting rigs are not compatible with this board, although that would not be an obstacle for anyone who’s looking for a budget PCB, as the ASRock is fine in many essential sectors. The ASRock B250 Pro4 has two PCI-Express x16 slots with the second running at 4x speed, and three PCI-Express x1 sockets with the inclusion of a PCI connector. All those parts are good for older hardware and running small expansion cards.

Photo Source: ASRock
ASRock B250 Pro4 has six SATA ports, which is not as many as other motherboards, but enough for most people. The chipsets single support M.2 connection is strengthened by a third-party Ultra M.2 port. This is an ASRock marketing term, that typically represents the faster PCI-Express x4 connections that are found on many modern motherboards as of now.

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